our story

an exciting art gallery in Nazareth

artist exposure . educating a new generation . preservation of a culture

Founded in 2016 by the Nazarene artist Elias Akleh, the first art gallery was located in the throbbing heart of Nazareth, on Mary’s well, in the Friendship House, a 50-meter building divided into an art gallery and an art studio.

“a small gallery a great passion”

The current art gallery located at the throbbing heart of the old city of Nazareth, at an authentic Nazarene building, few steps from the annunciation church.

The gallery displays art works by local & international artists which bother themes of humanity and nature. impressionism, realism, abstract movement, sculpture and works on glass and wood

The gallery holds exhibitions of established and emerging artists from Palestinian origins with other Israeli and international artists.

At the atelier the artists produce their works, educating art lessons for everyone who ask & hold seminars

The gallery contains a hand craft store & a coffee shop. all souvenir are hand made.

giving, love

Educating, Creativity, Belief

in Humanity self promoting is the vision the gallery established on

Our vision: promoting emerging artists , art educating and culture preservation of Nazarene buildings, holding international symposiums, travel & exhibit project

Believing in giving, the gallery act as a non profit institute through it’s monthly donation for ngo’s which takes care for children sponsorship and poverty alleviation worldwide as UNICEF, compassion international and world vision

opening hours

  • Monday – Saturday : 10-19
  • Sunday : closed



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